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About Philemon and Baucis

An old couple Philemon and Baucis in Tyana gets one day the visit of two strangers. Despite their poverty they welcome the guests with open arms and offer them a delicious meal. The course of the story shows that there is something special with the visitors.The wine jug fills itself. In order to take care of their guests very well, Philemon and Baucis decide to slaughter their goose. Baucis tries to catch the goose, but the bird runs away from her. When the goose finds protection on the lap of the Supreme God, the visitors make themselves known as Zeus and Hermes. Out of gratitude for the warm welcome, that the rest of the village did not offer them, the gods take their hosts to the top of the hill. Then the whole village, except the hut of Philemon and Baucis, is inundated by a huge flood. Zeus and Hermes ask to Philemon and Baucis to make a wish to thank them for their hospitality. Philemon and Baucis answer they want to devote their lives to the two gods. The small hut suddenly turns into a big temple. Philemon and Baucis also express the wish to stay together when one of them dies. So it happened one day that Philemon and Baucis turned into an oak and a lime before the temple. They stood there for many years, their trunks entwined.